African Glaucoma Consortium

Working together to eradicate blindness from glaucoma in Africa


About us

The African Glaucoma Consortium (AGC) was established to reduce the burden of glaucoma blindness in Africa by creating consensus among stakeholders, building sustainable, regional capacity to deliver high quality, low cost care, and fostering demand for this care in communities throughout Africa.

Are you an ophthalmologist in Africa providing care for people with glaucoma? A scientist actively engaged in research to preserve eyesight in Africa or other low-resource regions? An administrator in public health and/or governmental affairs tasked with coordinating eye care for your region? Do you have skills, responsibilities, or other resources to contribute to our effort? If so, join the African Glaucoma Consortium today! Membership is free.

Not a candidate for membership but want to help? Your contribution to the African Glaucoma Consortium will help patients receive sight-saving care, physicians receive the training to provide state-of- the-art medical services, and researchers identify optimal treatment strategies for care in low-resource settings.